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Action/OTM is fighting for an equitable society where power is held by all, regardless of race, class and gender, as well as sexual orientation, age, faith, geography, or physical ability; where the disparities resulting from a history of embedded structural racism are not just gone, but people are made whole; where the benefits of our collective endeavors in government, community building, development, and progress in general are felt by all. We are fighting for a society in which the oppression of many is not used to benefit the few, and where neither race nor anything else is used as a dividing line. 


As a coalition of community-based and social justice organizations, we are working for all people to have quality housing, good jobs and job access, environmental quality, and transportation access, among other things as steps to reach the society we want.

Transportation Justice Partners-

Boston Greenfest Planning Committee (Foundation for a Green Future)

EPA, Green Neighbors Education Committee, Toxics Action Center, Fairmount Indigo Transit Coalition, Clean Water Action, Green Justice Coalition, Project R.I.G.H.T, Southwest Boston CDC, Food Forest Coalition, TRU, Fairmount Indigo Network and Action For Equity

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