Strategic Plan 2016-2021 – cont.


Through a series of interviews and facilitated conversations with GFCAC staff, board members, and external stakeholders the following strengths and challenges were identified:


Strengths Challenges
Regularly uses strategic plan to set organizational Priorities Lack of resources and necessary staffing


Understanding of community needs Drop in philanthropic support and financial resources
Ability to connect with residents across Greater Four Corners Spread too thin – damages ability to deliver
Commitment and responsive staff to residents  and improving Greater Four Corners Need Greater shared leadership across organization
Some strong neighborhood associations Inactive neighborhood associations
Grassroots, organizing capacity Non-active community members
Place for current neighborhood information and support Need to expand membership base and deeper volunteer engagement
Support of residents struggling with foreclosure issues and rising housing costs Need variety of communications media

To build the organization’s brand and recognition beyond Four Corners and with funders, donors and other investors

Engagement in multiple community Issues Staff burnout
Ability to engage with allies and partners Poor evaluation metrics — unclear about actual GFCAC accomplishments and value
Long-standing community organization Need to strengthen Internal management and tracking systems
Long-term and sustained leadership Board diversification of skills and fundraising capacity needed to bring about greater investments
Platform for community to exercise their voice and build leadership Need to expand and become more regional in scope
Board represents and is very involved in community Need more staff to expand community engagement and deliver on programs
Need communications and fundraising staffing
Board and staff need to match great intentions and ideas with greater follow through and commitment to deliver
Funding community too small – need to expand resources
Be better at telling the GFCAC story throughout the region
Much greater board engagement and accountability to each other
Make better use of membership to carry out GFCAC work


Through a series of interviews and facilitated conversations with GFCAC staff, board members, and external stakeholders the following trends and issues within the community were identified:

  • Engaged residents have tremendous pride in community
  • Community accountability and engagement has increased
  • Neighborhood Associations are improving; need to continue expanding to take greater responsibility for community engagement and revitalization
  • Greater Four Corners, although better, is still not well serviced by city
  • Community safety is still a primary concern
  • Traffic congestion and safety need to be addressed
  • Gentrification and displacement is increasing in the community
  • Community is still moving away from Four Corners
  • Youth need development and opportunities to be engaged
  • Crime, although better, is still a problem to be addressed
  • Foreclosures still being experienced by many residents
  • Speculative purchase and redevelopment of homes at higher prices
  • Low ridership of new train line
  • Greenspaces and parks continue to need improvement and attention
  • Philanthropic giving has dropped while community needs remain high
  • Must find new opportunities to build financial support for GFCAC
  • Desire for greater number of local jobs and businesses


  • Voice for Greater Four Corners community with partners and across the city
  • Expand community engagement, leadership and accountability
  • Grow the membership of the neighborhood associations
  • Ensure youth have leadership development and opportunities to engage within the community
  • Maintain a focus on public safety and in reducing crime
  • Leader in beautifying neighborhood and open spaces
  • Protection for current residents to ensure that new development benefits current residents and avoids displacement as neighborhood shifts and improves
  • Advocate for local businesses and local jobs
  • Be strong ally and partner with other critical organizations to expand reach of GFCAC
  • Grassroots organizing engine for community
  • Strong partner with ally groups to build greater collective action



Objective A – Reduce the amount of violence and illicit activities in Four Corners


  • Provide youth access to resources for local youth programs
  • Organize community walk-thrus
  • Assist law enforcement
  • Support Neighborhood Associations and crime watches

Objective B – Advocate for transit equity


  • Promote and market Fairmount/Indigo Line
  • Upgrade Fairmount/Indigo Line services such as increased frequency and installation of Diesel Multiple Units
  • Better bus service

Objective C – Reduce Carbon Footprint


  • Develop open space (parks, community gardens, etc.)
  • Provide educational workshops
  • Promote healthy and green standards in all local development

Objective D – Develop and maintain strong Arts & Culture environment


  • Work with Fairmount Cultural Corridor partners to create visual art projects along the corridor.
  • Use art as a means to engage new people civically
  • Hold cultural events such as 4 Corners Day
  • Support organizations such as the Dorchester Arts Collaborative and local galleries

Five Year Outcomes:

  • Deepen engagement of residents in policing their own neighborhoods
  • Reduce incidences of violence at targeted areas by 50%
  • Better informed community
  • Create new relationships especially between generations
  • Strengthen local youth programs both structurally and through increased participation
  • More outdoor events and activities planned and delivered by a variety of organizational partners
  • Increased ridership of transit lines
  • Deepen community knowledge about how to ensure public safety
  • Address transit justice issues by lowering transit fares and increasing transit ridership


Objective A – Support the preservation and affordability of housing in Four Corners


  • Facilitate community processes for development projects
  • Support legislation that promotes and protects affordable housing
  • Work on polices such as Special Protected Transit Oriented Development Zones to prevent displacement
  • Provide educational workshops such as “Tenants Right”, “Foreclosure Prevention” and “Property Owners Assistance”

Objective B – Increase upward mobility of neighborhood residents


  • Establish and promote Good Jobs Standards
  • Ensure local recruitment for Four Corners projects
  • Develop pipeline to “outside” jobs such as the planned Wynn Casino

Objective C – Create strong infrastructure


  • Ensure implementation of community created comprehensive plan of development
  • Support Four Corners Main Street
  • Work with City and State to ensure equitable delivery or services and public accountability

Five Year Outcomes:

  • Increase in neighborhood foot traffic and walkability index
  • Improved streetscapes (better sidewalks, parks, lighting, speed control measures (use set of pictures to demonstrate the improvements over time)
  • Reduction of vacant/underutilized lots (new businesses, parks, gardens, housing)
  • Higher density development
  • Fair rent control policy
  • Anti-displacement policy or program
  • Decrease in foreclosure rate
  • Increased number of affordable units


Objective A – Strengthen existing community engagement systems


  • Work with and support local neighborhood groups
  • Resource the Neighborhood Association Network
  • Provide information clearinghouse

Objective B – Develop new community engagement systems

  • Use jobs work, foreclosure prevention efforts and arts & culture to engage more residents in civic participation
  • Targeted outreach to Latinos
  • Develop and support Four Corners Youth Leadership Group

Five Year Outcomes:

  • Strong and effective Neighborhood Association Network
  • Increased diversity in type of resident involved within the leadership structures of Four Corners to ensure tenants and homeowners are well represented
  • Open space, performance space and public art spaces engage community residents and inform them about become active participants in associations and in Four Corners
  • Increased number of civically engaged residents


Objective A. Have strong administrative and financial mechanisms in place


  • Ensure staff capacity is adequate to support programmatic work
  • Ensure internal systems (files, telecommunications, billing, bookkeeping, etc.) are top standard

Objective B. Maintain and Increase Organization’s Sustainability


  • Deepen relationships with existing funders and donors
  • Develop new relationships
  • Develop plan to increase grassroots fundraising

Five Year Outcomes:

  • Actively promote GFCAC programing through strong communications and information sharing with Four Corners community and create recognized GFCAC position within greater Boston
  • Well-managed internal systems and GFCAC operations to ensure sustainability and healthy staff culture
  • Diversified GFCAC funding portfolio to achieve sustainability and organizational solvency

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