Mission Statement

The mission of the Greater Four Corners Action Coalition (GFCAC) is to employ every available resource to stabilize and enhance the livability of the Four Corners community by empowering neighborhood residents and stakeholders to take action and ensure that our voice is heard, both locally and regionally.

Brief Organizational History

Four Corners was once known as the Wild West. Drug Gangs ruled the streets and shootings were very common.  In response to a shooting in 1991, neighborhood folks became fed-up and started the Four Corners Public Safety Action Project.

After creating several neighborhood groups, working with law enforcement and other community agencies, a profound difference occurred in the area.  Crime dropped as residents became more active and involved in the neighborhood. The organization then began to look at other issues in the neighborhood including economic development and housing.

The organization changed its name to the Greater Four Corners Action Coalition to reflect this change. Today, the organization has over 500 members and works on public safety/youth, environmental justice/climate change, regional equity, public policy and neighborhood revitalization issues.

If you have any questions, or would like additional information about us, please feel free to contact us.

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