Strategic Plan 2016-2021

Strategic Plan 2016-2021

Strategic Plan 2016-2021

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Greater Four Corners Action Coalition

Strategic Plan 2016-2021

Completed December 2015



ARC Associates facilitated a series of strategic development sessions for the Board and staff of the Greater Four Corners Action Coalition (GFCAC) over an eight month period in 2015.  Between sessions, staff and Board members carried out assignments to refine ideas for the next five years of work at GFCAC.  The process was designed to review GFCAC’s current strategic plan, identify work that needed to be carried forward in the coming years, and identify new areas of work central to supporting residents and expanding the vibrancy of the Greater Four Corners Community of Dorchester, MA. Greater Four Corners staff then developed this plan to identify long-range goals and inform a set of interim implementation actions to be achieved in 1-3 years.

In addition, GFCAC has a made a commitment to being as effective and successful as possible. In so doing, GFCAC, with support from the Barr Foundation, agreed to undergone a nine-month organizational assessment administered by ARC Associates. The long-term organizational development plan that has evolved from this internal and external review of the organization provides a tool to spur further dialogue among GFCAC’s board, staff and constituents about the organization’s strengths and challenges at this certain point in time, providing direction and learning for everyone involved.

This strategic plan and the organizational development plan (separate document) together give GFCAC a roadmap for expanding its capacities to build the most impactful opportunities and processes for attaining their mission:

To empower communities of color and low-income communities in Greater Four Corners area of Boston by promoting neighborhood stabilization in the Four Corners community.

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